A stunning three level executive home on an extremely challenging site.

"If you want a first class builder, then K2 Developments is the go-to builder for you. K2 built our new home a year ago. When you take possession of a new home it is an exciting time and I thought writing a review immediately might not be as meaningful as writing a review after living in the new home for a year. One year later and we are just as excited and pleased with the K2 build as we were on possession day. Our home is over 5000 sf, with three levels, built on a steep sloping hillside. After one year there are 'no' visible settling marks or issues anywhere. There are no 'nail pops' or 'floor creaks' - the house is the same as it was on possession day. Any item that needed attention after possession, such as a cupboard door needing adjustment after appliances were later installed, K2 addressed the issue immediately and have been excellent following-up on anything and everything we have brought to their attention.

Since we lived adjacent to the new K2 build, we were able to witness on a daily basis the building of our new home. K2 have a first class working crew - not only well skilled and professional, but every member of their team exhibited a wonderful work ethic - there were no extended breaks, late arrivals, early finishes, etc. We were kept informed of all stages of the build. K2 diligently followed all building codes, used appropriate professionals throughout the build (e.g., geotechnical engineers, etc.), and was extremely diligent in working with the local CVRD authority to ensure permits, procedures, and standards were all adhered to. The result - all building inspections were easily passed with no issues raised.

We were involved throughout the build and enjoyed being able to use their construction software programme that provided a detailed lay-out and time-line of stages of the build, budget and itemized costs, and contractual agreements to ensure there were no misunderstandings between builder and client. The programme provided a detailed breakdown of costs and if we decided to change any item - e.g., different faucets, additional cupboards, etc. - the costs of these changes were immediately factored into the budget, with the 'new' total cost immediately calculated and presented for the client's view. Hence, there were no 'surprises' or 'hidden costs'.

In summary, our building experience with K2 has been excellent. We have no hesitancy in recommending K2 Developments - as stated at the outset of this review, they are a first class builder."

Dr. Graham Fishburne