Our collaborative approach.

We take pride in being involved with your project from start to finish. This allows us to ensure your new home is built to our very high standards.

The big day arrives and we hand over keys to your beautiful new home. K2 remains at your service even after we have moved onto our next project. Our warranty service is second to none.


When the project is close to hand-over we schedule a deficiency walkthrough meeting. We closely examine the interior and exterior together to ensure you are thrilled with your new home. After this meeting we get to work on rectifying any deficiencies in preparation for project completion.

STEP FIVE: Completion

This is an exciting time for everyone. We encourage site meetings with you during all stages of construction. We also work with you to make choices on all the different components of your home. Your budget is updated bi-weekly on the project website, so you can follow along as costs come in.

STEP FOUR: Construction

Before construction begins we prepare a very detailed budget and project website. We get competitive fixed-price quotes from our subtrades team, establish budgets for building materials from our trusted suppliers, and ask you to visit showrooms to make preliminary selections for finishings that you love. While this is happening, K2 applies for and facilitates all the required permits for the project.

STEP THREE: Budgeting & Permits

We begin the design process and work closely with you, the Home Designer, and our Structural Engineer. We take into consideration your budget range, site challenges, the best placement of the home on your building site, and the expected permitting requirements. Plans are developed through several rounds of design. Once you are in love with the design, we move onto the next step.

STEP TWO: Design

We meet together and introduce you to our team. This meeting allows us to better understand your lifestyle and the needs you have in your new home. A budget range is established at this point.

STEP ONE: Discovery